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IGA Labs is a leading independent diamond grading laboratory

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IGA Labs is a leading independent diamond grading laboratory that is respected by diamond manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike.  Our professionalism, with expertise and dedication to detail, assures each client of the highest quality grading in every report.

We issue diamond grading certificates that clearly report key characteristics of the diamonds we are examining. Our staff of graduate gemologists is expert in this field.

An IGA report represents a technologically advanced diamond and gemstone evaluation. It becomes a vital blueprint of your gemstone’s attributes and a tangible record of its quality. 


IGA Labs are committed to protecting consumers; and with that promise continues to create a high standard around the world.


IGA Labs will assess your gemstone to the best of our professional judgment using the latest technology available. IGA Labs operates under a strict internal code of ethics to ensure its independence and integrity with every report issued. 

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